4 Advantages of Investing in Bore Water on Your Property

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Bore water is typically underground water drilled for domestic or commercial use. Boreholes or water wells are vertical holes drilled into the ground to tap into underground aquifers to extract water. Bore water is gaining popularity today since it's the primary source of fresh groundwater for homes or businesses in dry areas. Whether you need water for domestic use or commercial irrigation, investing in bore water can be beneficial in numerous ways, including: 

Water Supply Reliability 

Drought conditions exacerbated by dry climates can cause acute water shortages. For this reason, the bore water supply offers a more dependable solution. During the dry season, above-ground water sources like dams and rivers experience limited water supply and less capacity to satisfy your domestic or commercial processes. On the contrary, boreholes don't suffer from the effects of seasonal fluctuations. Therefore, they offer a more consistent water source for domestic or commercial use. 

Renewability and Sustainability 

One of the most sustainable sources of water is boreholes. They are renewable, meaning the water inside can recharge after being used up. The speed at which they can recharge relies on the rock formation discharging the water. However, most aquifers across Australia have a high recharge rate. That means you can use their water without worrying about them drying up. 

Highly Cost-Effective 

Another top advantage of bore water is its affordability compared to other water sources. If you have a borehole on your property, you spend almost nothing to pump water. Ideally, after investing in borehole drilling, you will enjoy the water for free as long as you stay on the property. You don't require additional chemicals to treat bore water or extra cost on storage requirements. 

Extremely Low-Maintenance 

Generally, the modern power systems and water pumps for boreholes are typically low-maintenance. Other features that make it low-maintenance include: 

  • Automatic level control helps reduce manual intervention

  • Various water pumps are available, including centrifugal, submersible and solar-powered pumps. 

  • Advanced filtration systems eliminate the need for regular filter changes and manual cleaning.

Final Thoughts 

Bore water is arguably beneficial to your domestic or commercial applications. However, it's essential to consider a professional bore water assessment to determine whether it's suitable for your usage requirements. 

Therefore, contact a professional drilling company to run proper tests to determine the suitability of your bore water for domestic or industrial applications. Professional bore water drilling companies can also offer more advice and recommendations concerning the location and legal requirements.


16 September 2022

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