Three Essential Tips for Maintaining Your Borehole

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If you have a borehole for domestic water supply, you should be diligent in maintaining the feature. Proper upkeep of the borehole will ensure that your household obtains high-quality water for diverse applications such as farming, cooking and cleaning. Also, the maintenance work will promote the efficiency of the borehole and the stability of the groundwater yield. Besides, if you provide proper care to the feature, you will extend the lifespan of the pumping components. Here are some crucial tips for maintaining your domestic borehole.

Perform Water Quality Analysis

You should perform borehole water tests on a regular basis. In general, if the quality of your underground water declines, you could expose your loved ones to unknown dangers. However, if you notice the deterioration early, you can have an expert identify the source of the change and resolve the issue promptly. There are different issues that you should have your chosen laboratory analyse in your borehole. These parameters include bacteria, water hardness, minerals and contaminants. You can conduct the tests periodically, at least annually. You should also consider carrying out an analysis if the colour, taste or smell of the water changes.

Protect the Borehole Area

You should protect your boreholes from external contaminants. It is possible for the bore water to be contaminated from the underground. However, in most cases, the water is polluted from the surface. Therefore, you should make sure that the bore is isolated from potential contaminants. You should not allow the borehole area to be exposed to dangerous chemicals. You should be especially keen if you have an agricultural operation close-by. You should also protect the pumping components from mechanical damage. The failure of the borehole pump will compromise your water supply. For the best results, you should build special housing for the pump to minimise the risk of damage. However, you must ensure that the unit is still accessible for maintenance and repair.

Maintain and Repair the Pump

Finally, you should perform the recommended maintenance tasks on your borehole pump. This component is essential for the smooth functioning of your water supply network. Therefore, it must be preserved to avoid the high cost and inconvenience of repair. You should also perform pump inspections, particularly when conducting routine maintenance. Check for anomalies rusting, loose components and motor anomalies. If you notice malfunction, you must ensure that the affected elements are restored immediately. You should note that borehole maintenance and repair work can be complex and dangerous. Therefore, you should always hire a qualified technician. 


15 February 2018

Recycling Everything To Help The Environment

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