Three Central Guidelines for Managing the Pool Heating Expenses

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Your residential pool temperature can determine the general ease of the users. If this aspect of the water is not ideal, your family might not be willing to use the feature for exercise, relaxation or entertainment purposes. In simple terms, your investment will not have a significant impact. In addition, if the water is too cold, the vulnerable members of your home such as children might contract illnesses after prolonged contact with the swimming pool. On the other hand, heating the pool can be an expensive process. If you are worried about the energy bills, you should manage the costs using these useful tips.

Purchase an Alternative Heater

The pool heating costs in your home might be high because of the inefficiency of your current appliance. If your heater is not designed to operate while conserving energy, you will have to deal with the increased power demands. This inefficiency issue is common in older heating devices. You can install a replacement electric heater which is rated for higher levels of efficiency. This choice will allow you to use your current electric setup without significant modifications.

However, if you are interested, you can choose alternative power options for your heating needs. For example, you can choose gas heating over the conventional electric setup. These natural gas or propane devices will heat the pool fast, but this option might not be suitable for prolonged heating purposes. You can also choose a solar heater. The setup costs will be expensive, but the long-term savings will be high. For the best results, discuss your preferences with your pool contractor.

Check Your Operation Habits

You should modify your operational habits if you would like to lower your energy bills. In simple terms, you should have better practices in relation to the swimming pool heater. For example, you should think about setting the temperature at a comfortably low heat level as opposed to making the water significantly hot. Lowering the temperature by a couple of degrees can save you some money. Also, you should think about switching off your pool heater if the feature is not in use.

Prevent Water Evaporation

Finally, you should prevent the loss of heat from your swimming pool. The evaporation of water from the open feature always means the escape of precious heat. Continuous evaporation will translate into a significant increase in the energy or power expenses. Fortunately, you can prevent this detriment by placing a cover over the water to trap the heat and minimise heating costs.


6 February 2018

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